Let’s talk about cases – dative!

Let’s talk about cases – dative!

In this post will talk about dative case in Croatian. Dative has the same endings, completely identical, as locative case so by learning dative you will learn locative endings as well – two birds with one stone!


Dative is used with indirect objects. What are indirect objects? Let’s analyse this sentence.
I will give a present to (my) mum. – I will give WHAT? And the answer is a present, this is direct object and we use akuzativ here. If you skipped accusative case you can check it here before continuing with dative.
I will give a present to whom?, and the aswer is ‘to mum‘, and this word takes dative case.
In Croatian this sentence will sound like this: Dat ću poklon mami. (base form: mama)
Let’s check the endings. We’ll analyze all three genders, singular and plural form.


Kupujem cvijeće prijateljici. – Kupujem cvijeće  prijateljicama.

I’m buying flowers to my friend. – I’m buying flowers to my friends.

Base form: prijateljica-prijateljice (friend-friends)




Idem k prijatelju. – Idem k prijateljima.

I’m going to a friend’s place. – I’m going to friends’  place.

Base form: prijatelj-prijatelju (friend-friends)


Pričam o mjestu – Pričam o mjestima

I’m talking about a place. – I’m talking about places.

Base form: mjesto-mjesta (place-places)


When to use dative?
Dative case normally describes to whom something is given or for whom something is done.
It’s also used with prepositions o (about), k (towards, to), unatoč (despite)…
Helpful tips!
• If the noun ends in ‘a’ it’s female form.
• If it ends in a consonant, it’s masculine form.
• If it ends in ‘e’ or’o’ it’s neuter form.

Let’s practice!

Unatoč _________ (problem) s autom idem na putovanje. – In spite of the problem with a car, I’m taking a trip.
Donio sam pismo _____ (sestra). – I brought a letter to my sister.
Pričam o njegovom _________ (auto). – I’m talking about his car.
Idem k ________ (rođak). –I’m going to my cousin’s.
Usprkos ________ (kiša) idem van. – In spite of the rain, I’m going out.



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