About me

Hi there!

So who is behind Croatian Online Lessons?

I’m Irena and I teach Croatian (and English). I speak Italian, and French a little (still working on that).

I’ve been teaching English and Croatian to students from all over the world. At the moment I’m only teaching beginner’s Croatian for those who are travelling or plan to travel to Croatia and need the language because they want to communicate with locals and enhance their experience while there.

During our lessons you will develop confidence necessary for speaking a foreign language. We will practice speaking a lot, because that’s what you need for your holidays.

Also, on my website you can find listening materials (accompanied by texts).

One of my main goals is to inspire students to do as much possible in their own free time and to share with them information about Croatia so they will be well prepared for their Croatian holiday.
In my free time, I learn languages, I cook, I travel and I drive a little red vespa and liveĀ la dolce vita.

Thanks for visiting Croatianonlinelessons and let me know if you have any questions!