At the moment I only offer intensive 30 min lessons at LearnCroatianOnline. You will learn usefule Croatian phrases and you will start practicing Croatian from day 1. Book your trial lesson or get in touch and let’s start speaking Croatian!

  • How many lessons do I need to take?

This depends. If you are a beginner, then definitely 1-2 lessons per week just to get the feel of the language. You don’t want to overwork yourself in the beginning. You want to enjoy the language and the lessons.

  • I’m planning to travel to Croatia. How many lessons should I take?

Usually 5 lessons are just about enough. During the trial lesson you can tell me if there is some specific situation that you expect to find yourself in and I’ll prepare the lessons for you, with all the handy vocabulary and all the phrases you need to know before setting on that exciting trip!

  • I want to learn grammar as well. How long before I start speaking basic Croatian?

In around 20 lessons that I’ll plan for you, you’ll be able to speak basic Croatian. Of course, your engagement after and before the lessons will be necessary in order to achieve this goal.

  • What does the lesson look like?

I believe that each student is different and therefore there’s not one size fits all. Through the lessons I try to get to know my students and adapt the topics and teaching strategies so that they would fit their needs and their personality. But in general, each lesson is a mixture of speaking, grammar and listening.
Emphasis is put on speaking skills, so that you can engage in the conversation with locals asap!

  • What else should I know about the lessons?

It would be absolutely fantastic if you have gmail. Then we’ll be able to use google doc and you’ll have all your materials in one place. Also, if you want, you’ll receive a recording of the text after the lesson so you can brush up your pronunciation even after the lesson!

If you want to learn Croatian on your own or practice listening, please click onĀ FREE STUFF.