One to one Croatian Lessons

One to one Croatian Lessons

Start your Croatian journey with intensive one to one Croatian lessons, 1 lesson = 30 minutes. Learn the language and discover the culture and its people. In every lesson you will learn handy vocabulary and you will practice speaking Croatian. This is what you need to book a Croatian lesson online.

How do I book a one to one Croatian lesson?

All you need in order to book your one to one Croatian lesson is a good Internet connection and Skype. To book your lesson online please get in touch using the form below. Let me know: your time zone, why you want to learn Croatian and a little bit something about yourself.

I’ve already taken the lessons

If you have already taken lessons at Croatian Lessons Online then please  use the booking system to book your lesson  – MY BOOKING WEBSITE.

For all the questions, feel free to get in touch using the form below and don’t forget to check FAQ and visit our FB page.